Harpist, Medical Doctor


Consistent with what she can do to others is her belief. She never sees success from the material side, but as a condition where she feels peaceful and being selfless. Therefore, she decided to passionate in helping others, both helping someone’s life by being a doctor and helping someone to be happy by being a musician.

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Restaurateur of the Union Group


Her achievements in food and beverage industry is not an instant gift. Her commitment to put love into her work gives enormous results. She know what she wants to keep making changes and expanding her business wider.

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Each bottle of Reflections is filled with the highest quality of mineral water taken from only the best water springs and processed with most advanced technology. We are passionate, and seek only perfection throughout the whole process because we understand that you wish to serve only the highest quality of water to your consumers.

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Reflections also come in carbonate variant, Reflections Sparkling. What set Reflections Sparkling apart from the others is the fresh bubbly sensation of soda in your mouth, which gives you a long-lasting feeling of freshness. Made from chosen water spring and processed with modern technology, Reflections Sparkling is ready to bring a touch of freshness to your outlet.

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